"Your Heart & my Heart are very, very old Friends" - Hafiz
O r i g i n a l N a i j a ..

Love Letter

This is a journey I hope to embark on with you my lady.
You will see the sights and hear the sounds, experience the movement every time our souls mingle. Do you not feel them? They walk out into the great outdoors and those heavenly bodies, they applaud them for the way that they stir each other. Let us be two, and not one my love: that’s another person’s recipe for loving. In your magnetic simplicity and subtle complexities, I want all of you. Let me call you Home, just like I felt the day we met.
You know, Khronos watches with the others in the sky, as we stir one another: I pull you into me, and you pull me some more. He finds our mingling befitting to last a little while: Cherished memories for you and I. Let him -Khronos- hold time for us. Have no worries, The man you marry will have you, just not while we walk this walk.. Heaven’s still watching us. Your husband will have you some day and this is what I would out rightly promise: if we match each other’s work while we have one another, whoever catches you for both love and family, would desire to have you by his side through every lifetime. With me, a spectacular woman is what you would become. You’ll leave me, in the least, a gift to the world, and you, I would leave a gift to many lifetimes and changing universes. I cannot make your promises for you… But I want you. (Let’s walk on that lane that never seems to end.) Use me ma cherie. Tell me that your love can conquer fear because mine is ready to.

•Ode to John Doe•